Thursday, June 18, 2015

Polymer 1.0 First impressions

Recently at Google I/O Google announced Polymer 1.0 to be available and ready for production. Since I think that Web Components might very likely be the future for the web and since I tried Polymer 0.5 in some prototypes I thought I would give it a go and try Polymer starter kit.

If you do this make sure your Internet connection is fast: downloading the starter kitr is fast, but then downloading all dependencies takes ages, so this is no quick start.

Once you actually get started it's easy enough to start building. IUt took me just a few hours to build a small site with a few pages, working navigation etc. And it looked pretty OK:

Some reflections:

  • I do like materialized design, clean, simply and looks modern. You get that more or less for free
  • Materialized design are also good for us that are not graphic designers: you get usefulk set of icons to use, and it uses texts a lot, which is good
  • the polymer elements are easy to work with
So creating a site locally was pretty easy. Deploying is another thing, more on that later, when I actually managed to publish my new site.

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