Monday, August 13, 2007

LOAD XML contribution added to MySQL

I got news from the MySQL people that my LOAD XML contribution is added to release 5.2. Check the manual page.

The aim of the contribution is to simplify reading of XML data into a MySQL database. The LOAD XML command supports three different xml formats:
- field values as attributes
- field values as tags
- the format produced by the mysql -x command, with the field name as an attribute and field value as a tag

If the LOAD XML command finds a matching field in the target table, the value is inserted, otherwise it is ignored. If you have used the LOAD DATA command (most of us have) you should recognize much of the functionality, LOAD XML works much the same way.


adaniels said...

Very nice that the patch got some attention. I wasn't expecting it anymore.

Even though this works well is certain situation, the code never felt finished to me. Now that my C prog skills are back to a decent level, I'm planning to pick up the code.

sheeri said...


Ronald said...

Went to say Congrats, however I see Sheeri beat me to it.

Well done for contributing code to MySQL. More of us (myself included) should make it a priority to drive features we would like to see added and ensuring Community contributions get into the code base.