Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Polymer summit 2015

During the day I've followed Polymer Summit 2015 over the net. Lots of good talks and useful information. I do belive that the approach of Custoim HTML elements is the future, but even though Polymer is on it's way, I don'ät think tehey are really there yet.


  • the approach of components that can be reused, extended and combined into new components
  • some really awesome components are available out there, both from Google and others
Not cons, but stuff they have to work on:
  • dependencies,build system etc: when you start a polymer project, bower will download that feels like half the internet for you, not really manageable, and my previous experiences from build system have not been to good. You really need a good build system, and preferanbvle a CDN so you don'ät have to manage all this
  • the kiving of HTML, CSS and javascript in one file seems like a step backward.
But yes,. I do think web components is the future, I only wonder when we will be there....

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