Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Java Me toolkit's and support for optional JSR's

As a part of the new Antenna release I have reviewed the toolkits supported and which JSR's they support. The result is the matrix below.

As you see, many JSR's are widely supported, while others are supported only by a few manufacturers. If you need Bluetooth, PDA, Wireless Messaging, SVG or Mobile Media, they are available in most emulators. But if you need Internationalization, or Open GL your choice is more limited.

Many manufacturers have their own additional APIs. Most used is Nokia UI, which is actually also supported by Sony Ericsson.

JSR API SupportAntenna propertySun WTK 2.5Java ME SDK 3.0MOTODEV Studio for Java MENokia S60 3rd Edition SDKNokia N97 SDKNokia S40 5thedSony Ericsson SDK 2.5Sprint WTK 3.3.2LG SDK 1.3 for Java ME
CLDC version1.0,1.11.0,, 1.11.0, 1.11.0, 1.11.0, 1.1
MIDP version
JSR 75 PDAoptionalpdaxxxxxxxxx
JSR 82 BluetoothBluetoothxxxxxxxxx
JSR 135 Mobile Media 1.2mmapixxxxxxxxx
JSR 172 Web Servicesj2mewsxxxxxxxxx
JSR 177 Security and Trust Servicessatsaxxxxxxxxx
JSR 179 Locationlocationservicesxxxxxxxx
JSR 180 SIPsipapixxxxxxx
JSR 184 Mobile 3D Graphicsjava3dxxxxxxxxx
JSR 120 WMA 1.0wmaxxxxxxxxx
JSR 205 Wireless Messaging 2.0wma2xxxxxxxxx
JSR 209 AGUIaguix
JSR 211 Content Handlercontenthandlerxxxxxxx
JSR 226 Scalable 2D Vector Graphicss2dvgapixxxxxxxxx
JSR 229 Paymentpapixxxxx
JSR 234 Advanced Multimedia Supplementsamsxxxxxxxxx
JSR 238 Mobile Internationalizationmiapixxxxxx
JSR 239 Java Binding for OpenGL ESopenglxxxxx
JSR 256 Mobile Sensormobilesensorxxx
JSR 257 Contactless Communicationrfidx
JSR 280 XMLxml

JSR 300 DRMdrm



Motorola APIsmotorola


Nokia UI APInokiaui


eSWT APIeswtx
IAP Infoiapinfox

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