Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Java ME SDK and SSL

I have been struggling a few days with getting Https communication to work in Java ME SDK 3.0, but with little success so far. To be able to create a Https connection I need to get the SDK to accept the (self-signed) certificate on my test server. The SDK does not however use the Java SE keystore but has its own (actually it has a lot of keystore's) with its own tool to update it. So far I have not managed to get my certificate into the right keystore. Tried asking on Sun's forum, but they don't seem to be interested in the problem at all.

So instead I used Nokia's S60 emulator, which gives me the option to accept the server certificate even though it can not be verified. Perhaps I should give up on the SDK for now, specially since the support and documentation is not really good enough.


Iivo said...

So did you solve this somehow? I'm having the same problem, except our server certificate is from Thawte.

Erik said...

No, I did not sole it in Java ME SDK 3.0. Instead I used Nokia S60 to test https communication. This gives me the option to accept the certificate, even though it can not be verified.