Thursday, August 21, 2008

From applet to MIDlet

We have started to look into making a mobile client. Our current approach is to make a JME client, partly based on our existing Java client, based on Java SE and Swing and runnable as an applet or a standalone application. The rendering part will need to be rewritten but we hope to be able to reuse communication with the server and some of the internal logic.

Items we found so far:
  • we use both socket and http communication. Both need to be rewritten to use the microedition Connector. So far the changes are small, but we will need to keep different classes for Java ME and SE versions
  • we use gzip, in the SE version java.util.GZIPInputstream which is not included i Java ME
  • enums is a big problem, looks like we will have to convert those used to old-fashioned int and classes with constant definitions.
  • minor problems like String.split() (no such method in JME, and no StringTokenizer either) needs to be solved.

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