Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Applet lifecycle

Lately I have been working with applets. This is new to me, since I have been mostly a server and web guy, with J2EE and servlets as my specialities, and some J2ME. And now I have run into a strange problem....

An applet's life cycle has four methods:
- init() when it is created
- start() when it is shown
- stop() when it is no longer shown
- destroy() for releasing resources

There is an old exception to this, that som browsers (Internet Explorer, possibly some other too) sometimes i9nvokes init() more than once. We had some problems with our applet which seemed to be caused by this. But when it made a fix for this, it did not help...

Some more investigation showed that actually Internet Explorer did not only invoke init() twice but also created two instances and invoked both init() and start() on both. This seems to happen the first time an applet is run, but possibly not the second. Very strange indeed....

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